A Lesson on Blood Stains

“Blood is thicker than water. Water can be wiped clean. Blood stains are forever.”

~ Me

It is remarkably acceptable for the desire to invest available time with your family than co-workers. Come post-business hours, you should be able to go home to your family without being trapped in a sea of badinage. It ought to be commended and encouraged. In the abhorrent season of aquatic occurrences, spending valuable time with family is important now more than ever. They are the ones that will make you stronger in every aspect of your life, while the co-workers help with only one, maybe two:  alcohol consumption and the art of gossip.

Fred Savage was being ridiculed on a local television program because of his choice to create boundaries. The daytime host seemed befuddled and went on to further comment that Fred’s choices were a bit egocentric. She never mentioned Steve Harvey, whose firm demands for boundaries made national headlines.

I was angry with Steve Harvey for his belittling treatment of his staff. As time went on, I realized that creating such boundaries for the sake of mental well-being was crucial. Attaining privacy is a huge challenge these days, and some folks won’t take “no” for an answer. Unfortunately, the only way to get through to people is by way of extreme vexation. I still do not condone the way he handled it, but I understand his reasons. So, I forgive you, Mr. Harvey, but don’t expect me to tune in to “Big Star, Little Star” anytime soon. Not my cup of tea.

Fred Savage, on the other hand, took a more gentler route, but mocked all the same. I don’t even know why these type of things are even newsworthy. It’s none of anyone’s business, and  personal choices shouldn’t be open to interpretation by anyone. Perhaps he wants to use his downtime to FaceTime with family. We will never know…..and rightly so.

When I first entered the workforce, meeting people was exciting and new. I never had the full fledge college experience, so my first office job took the place of freshman year of college, minus the celebratory activities of young adult affirmations. As I began to socialize more, I got a sneak preview of the inner workings of lives different than my own. Some where mundane while others exciting. I clinged to the images of vicariously living through another, all while laughing over drinks and pretended to be interested in whatever was the gossip of the day. I really believed I fitted in somewhere, because my normal and everyday routines simply didn’t live up to my expectations.

About three jobs later, these post-business gatherings waned extravagantly. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know enough to stop when it’s time. The trials and tribulations of life has a discernible way of reminding you what is truly relevant. In time, you will come to realize that all you ever were was a passing ship. You’ll realize that it’s best to momentarily admire the grandiose of it all, wave your hellos and goodbyes, and keep going towards the people and things that matter most. People like your family – the kind of family of that will reach out to you and remain stretched; the ones that have all the answers even when they don’t; the ones who harness a fierce conservation for the protection of your well-being. Very few fit this category, but whoever you consider as family, as they should be cherished and not be taken for granted. Acquaintances and co-workers are on the contrary, they are too quick to assume anything and take whatever information they have about you and use it to get ahead, as was the case with Fred Savage and Steve Harvey. Nobody should be privy to such juvenile tendencies. Life is much too short to waste that kind of time.

Family first. Blood stains are forever.

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