Alternate Passwords for Carrie Bradshaw

love keychain
The password that potentially stopped Carrie Bradshaw in her tracks career-wise. Imagine how much bigger she would have become if this was 20 characters long?

Warning: if you’ve never seen the movie “Sex in the City” there are spoilers ahead.

If I asked my assistant to make sure I never see another email from the ex that jilted me at my own wedding, I would expect someone with a Computer Science degree to devise a more complicated password for that folder. Come on…..”Love?” Are you kidding me? I’m a hardass who would fire you on the spot.

I don’t know why the youngins’ think we need to hang on to the past, for a “just incase.” In Carrie Bradshaw’s instance, she ended up getting married and then reunited with an ex-boyfriend in the sequel. What a fail. That never would have happened if her assistant developed such a strong password that even she couldn’t remember, and Carrie would have never gotten married, possibly.

When someone suggests to leave something in the past, let it go. In the real world, to suppress something so emotional is dangerous for our health. Science has proven this, as well as personal accounts from individuals. That is why I would not be supportive of those who cannot follow simple instructions. Carrie, persuaded by emotion, encountered the password by serendipity. How easy it was for her to hack her own email.

Carrie’s assistant might have unknowingly deterred an opportunity that was bigger than the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress. The Hollywood version of serendipity doesn’t quite jive with the real world. Given the label paradise and successful career Carrie was blessed with, she would have done fantastic if her hacking attempts failed her.

We are given one life (that we know of) that could be gone in a flash. Don’t waste it with unnecessary stress. And please…..if you’re ever in a situation to create a password for someone else, don’t get glaringly obvious!

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