Only God Can Judge, But He’s Not Judging Enough

They are currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet………humans.”
Newt Scamander, from the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Even though the movie is considered fiction of the ultimate fantasy classification, there will always be some hidden truths to showcase a temporary reality. It rightfully makes us aware that we kill bees because we’re afraid for our lives. We’re annoyed with raccoons and coyotes because they’re coming into our backyard or finding shelter in our attic. We do everything possible to rid of moles so that we can take pride in a perfectly crafted, golf-course quality lawn.  The men pound their chests and hold their beer up high, and guffaw with the neighbors as they finesse an articulate pattern on the lawn, which does nothing except establish a status quo with the neighborhood. Suburban living is wonderful as long as coyotes don’t try to take back what they once owned.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, God is testing me.

America is full of vile. Even its authoritative figures treats its citizens with such complaisance, it’s hard to imagine what would allow such arrogance to walk this Earth.  How can these people be allowed to walk among us, to be illuminated by beings that employ sheer innocence and genuine love? I ask myself this question every single day. Every Sunday, I am reminded to be kind to my fellow man, no matter what. I am told that I will be blessed accordingly, either on Earth or in the afterlife. Then, I find myself wallowing over a video from an animal shelter in Palm Springs, Florida. It’s asking the public for help in adopting or fostering animals that have been left behind due to Irma’s impending wrath. The test begins.

I do not wish impending doom on anyone. I am nervous for the residents in the path of Irma and future hurricanes. I do not personally know anyone that lives in that area but I silently pray for them all the time. It’s all I can do. It’s all I’m able to do, for now. People may think, ‘oh, that’s so chickenshit, anyone can proclaim they pray…..”

Maybe these folks are right. Perhaps praying is a chickenshit way of thinking of yourself as a good person. I just happen to find praying more productive than sharing a meme on Facebook that shares those same sentiments. I’ve always said that the power of prayer only works if you actually PRAY.

And then I saw the animal shelter’s Facebook video. This is where the test begins, because the desire to pray for healing for humans is vastly diminishing.

An abundant number of pets were dropped off at shelters recently because their humans evacuated to safety. While the humans remain safe, warm, and well fed, their pets will face a future of uncertainty. As of this writing, there’s no telling of the damage Irma will do, but as we’ve learned from previous accounts, Katrina had hundreds, maybe thousands, of homeless pets that were left hungry and cold. Many of them died from a slow process of starvation. Yet, their original humans remained far away, and in safe hands, bearing no shame or guilt whatsoever that their pets disappeared into an unnecessary demise.

I cannot even imagine leaving behind my most trusted beings on the planet. I have been desolated for a time, surrounded by two dogs and a cat throughout the day. They never give me a reason to have a bad day. I get mad at them sometimes, but they also bring more chuckles than any human I’ve ever encountered, except my husband. My pets help me survive a world full of turmoil. They help me heal, and force me look at life from a different perspective. I have much to be thankful for, I would never fathom of leaving this genuine peace behind. These creatures are embellished with nothing but an unstoppable force of genuine love and trust, which these elements will never be found in another human being……ever. Yet, some humans take these special forces for granted, and trick themselves into thinking they are doing “what’s best” by dropping them off at a nearby shelter. These humans carefully articulate their way of thinking by convincing themselves these animals will be much safer at a shelter than they would be at the in-laws, therefore bypassing the truth that most shelters are overcrowded and under-funded. There is no guarantee the shelters won’t be impacted by the storm. But their former humans won’t be. They’re safely out of harms distance. The argument that they’re just doing what’s best for their pets is an absolute crock of shit.

That leads me to believe that these humans never considered their pets as family in the first place. If they did, they would make all means necessary to tolerate their in-laws, or compensate them in some way, or whatever the situation may be… do everything possible to make sure they remain safe the way they would for their human kids. Just because they’re animals doesn’t make them any less valuable.

As I’ve stated before, I do not wish ill will on anyone. But I honestly hope for those folks who were heartless enough to leave these beautiful, genuine creatures behind, that they not be rewarded with such creatures in the future. You’ve made your position clear. It’s you first, and that’s how it will always be.

I have been told that only God can judge. He’s not judging enough.





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