Apologies to Jambalaya and N’awlins.

I recently came back from an exhausting weekend trip to New Orleans. I initially planned the trip revolving around some stupid band I’ve been obsessed with since my formative years in the mid-’80’s. This is quite an anomaly, because I wasn’t aware that the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was the same weekend as Duran Duran at the time I ordered tickets. The ticket price I paid to see Duran Duran equates to the price of a two-day adventure at the festival, where I could listen to numerous artists over two days that included Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. To make matters worse, Simon LeBon’s voice was on the verge of laryngitis, and the set list was nothing short of musical doldrums, with a few songs added from their new album “Paper Gods.” While the majority of the crowd danced like teenage cretins to the tune of “Hungry Like the Wolf,” I gave that song the middle finger and sat my ass down. Don’t insult me with that shit.

I did not resurrect this blog to write a concert review on Duran Duran, however. I wanted to share this outstanding photo of food that was happily gluttonized by yours truly. Behold, the more sensible reason to visit New Orleans:

You can't tell what it is because I've already eaten most of it. And damn....it was fucking DELICIOUS.
You can’t tell what it is because I’ve already eaten most of it. And damn….it was fucking DELICIOUS.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t understand why people take photos of perfectly coiffed cuisine and claim they enjoyed it on social media. Fuck that. As far as I’m concerned, they ate no such thing but they are sure to embrace the reader with their “amazing” photographic capabilities and their “excellent” use of image filters to make macaroni and cheese look like dog vomit.

Not that my photo is any more glamorous, but it is photographic evidence of divine gluttony. One morning, I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful brunch at a highly recommended restaurant called “The Court of Two Sisters.” For $30 you can enjoy a wonderful brunch that consists of authentic southern delicacies, either indoor or their enchanting outdoor dining area with a huge pergola and live jazz/blues music playing in the background. By the way, they are not paying me to write this paragraph…..this is coming directly from my foodie heart. I can be nice like that, sometimes.

The one major component that is missing from this photo, and the very thing New Orleans is commodiously known for foodwise, is the jambalaya. So, my heartfelt apologies goes out to all of Nawlins for not pimping the J-La, but it’s been long digested, and you can’t get it back.


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