Anomaly: Photos of Perfect Birthday Cakes

I bet you will find very few photos on the internet of half-eaten birthday cake, at least, not one like this. Welcome to my blog.

This is not the most appealing photo of a birthday cake, but so what:


It was delicious all the same.

Originally, I wanted to take a photo before the cake was cut, but then I thought…. why should I? I knew what it said. Also, how will people ever know how good this cake really was if all you see is a photo of the cake in its entirety? The cake pictured here is practically all gone. And it was yummy.

When it comes to taking photographs, I am rebellious and believe in going way outside the box. I feel that way about life in general. Life isn’t perfect, so why should photos depict that very same sentiment?

I hope to see more photos of half-eaten birthday cakes in the future.

(This post is dedicated to my godson Vinny. Happy 14th birthday! Love you!)

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