Bo and Beatrice

April, 2013: Buckeye’s first walk, post-Beatrice. The journey to heal (no pun intended) has only just begun.

I love this photo. I also hate it. I haven’t seen this photo in a while, and for good reason. It was taken two days after I lost Beatrice, my first dog.

I think about Beatrice all the time. Her death was untimely and unexpected. I have always imagined it’d be pretty hard losing a pet, but I never knew the magnitude until I went through the loss myself.

A week after her demise, I wrote a lengthy blog post on her Dogster page. I don’t care to re-read the post, but I remember every word I wrote and I still strongly feel that way today. The unconditional love from pet to human is unparallelled to any other being, and when that love is gone… is devastating.

This post is somewhat influenced by Jimmy Stewart’s poem that he recited on the Johnny Carson show in 1981. It wasn’t the fanciest of poems, but it was short and bittersweet. Simply titled,  “Bo,” Jimmy Stewart recites the poem to a worldwide audience, openly expressing his love and devotion for Bo. You wouldn’t know it from the beginning, but as he gets near the end, you knew this dog was his pride and joy. Naturally, I got to thinking about Beatrice.

I have adopted another beagle, Stella, who is young, foolish, and an absolute sweetheart. She comforts me by way of her witticisms, and reminds me that life is to be enjoyed. She hints to me that Beatrice is okay, then romps off and grabs her favorite toy to initiate play. All is good. Both Stella and Buckeye make sure of it. 🙂

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