What’s Up

I am not a pimp. Nor do I aspire to be one. The title, however, is used as a metaphor that best describes my keen sense of observation and my highly cynical nature. At times, these characteristics will be reflected in my blog posts, as I always have something to say about things not quite right with the universe.

What I really am: I am a pretty cool broad. I originally started this as a photo blog, but then Instagram took over, and I no longer felt the need to clutter the internet with any more “useless images.” I am always thinking and quite observatory by nature, so I am (once again) re-working this blog to capture thoughts and somehow work out some sort of theme along the way.

And my mission is this: I prefer to create a dialogue between the old and decrepit and the young and agile. I often think of various topics and they usually end up with many questions. The majority of them have to do with trying to understand the thought processes of younger generations. It is often topics that are not mentioned anywhere else, or not highlighted, or not talked about enough. It’s my way of genuinely connecting with  all generations. In a world gone astray with misunderstandings and harsh criticisms, I believe the first step to world peace are healthy and vibrant discussions. Be it here or at the dining room table with your parents, you may be surprised what comes out of such narratives.

My blog doesn’t have hundreds of followers. I often catch myself scratching my head with newer blogs with hundreds of followers, and my blog has been around for years with only a few followers. Then, I read there are services that are in the business of providing fake fans for social media purposes. Well, that’s not how I roll, because I’m too genuine for that noise. If you’re wondering why I speak the greatest wisdom with only five followers, that’s why. I believe if you like something enough, you will follow. I don’t need to pay for a fictional fan base to stroke my ego. This part of the internet is as real as it gets.

Beware, my cynical nature kicks in, and feel the need to bitch and complain about shit that irks me. Maybe you can relate to my problems. Maybe not. Maybe you’d rather get drunk. Please drink responsibly.

I am not really a pimp with a broken hand. I’m just another squirrel trying to get a nut.

Thanks for reading. 🙂